Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~Welcome to my SECRET garden~

Hello, I'm so happy you found me!! Won't you come into my garden, ... I want my roses to meet you! The skeleton key is beneath the heart shaped rock; to the right of the garden gate. Let yourself in, and meet me in thee garden!

The secret garden is a place to gather an armful of daisies, rest by the wayside, and drink from everlasting waters. A haven to share hearts, and sweet INSPIRATIONS!

Let's RUN through the meadow and look for turtles hiding beneath the briars. We'll skip to thee edge of the woods and make our way down thee trellises to the creek. Long ago, this meadow was a peach orchard you know. ;)

Do you like Black-Eyed Susans? They're one of my favorite wild flowers! Let's each pick a bouquet.... He loves me... He loves me not.... He loves me... He loves me not.... LOOK He loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you see what I see? A dandelion JUST FOR YOU! Pick it! Hold it in front of your lips and close your eyes. Make a wish..... and blowwwww!
Mrs. Potter calls them "Candylions." She has such a sweet tooth for the buttery yellow ones and she could eat them by the pound, like a box of assorted, cream-filled chocolates!
Ahhhh, look what we've found! Patches of wild blackberries! Are you hungry, because leaving them ALL to the birds would be.... UNthinkable! Two for you... one for me... two for you... one for me....
"What is that lovely fragrance," you ask? It's ... thee most luxurious perfume in the garden... ...yummy, wild ROSES! Let's pick a few for our bouquets.

We've made it... now we can rest in the shade of the wood, and listen to the crows. ;)

Do you see what's blooming in the blackberries? Purple PASSION flowers! Story has it thee corona stood for the crown of thorns, The ten sepals and petals are for the Apostles (except Judas and Peter, who both distanced themselves from the Lord prior to the crucifixion). The five anthers were the five wounds on Christ’s body, and the three stigmas the nails. The leaves were the spear that pierced His side, and the tendrils the scourges that flayed His flesh. Isn't that something! This is by far my favorite flower at the Shabby Secret Garden, and it actually grows wild throughout the meadows. I wonder if someone planted it decades ago, or if they have just always been?.....

Well, we'd better start heading back.... we'll follow along the fence row. There's a pond I'd love for you to see as well!...... Are you getting tired?
There it is, just up ahead.... -We're almost to "On Dragonfly Pond."- named after my Angel Mother.
This is my favorite place to sit a spell. Look at all the dragonflies! There is a very special one right THERE that I am rather "fond of." ;)

As the sun begin begins to set , a bajillion bullfrogs will sing a most delightful tune. They can be heard all the way to the Shabby Olde Potting shed!

We'd best be heading back. It's abit of a jaunt uphill .... are you ready?....

Here we are to the Sweetheart tree, so we are almost all the way back from where we started. Catch your breath and then I'll race you to the garden gate........
On your mark, get set.... GO.......!

Promise you will visit again soon! Pinkyswear!

Now then, to find your way from here to there, click on the picture of the potting shed . It is your secret door back to thee other side!!
Til tomorrow then* and don't tell anyone of our visit- It'll be our very own little secret.